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Sigma Gamma Rho Spotlight

Author Denise Turney
Author Denise Turney is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc, and she deserves to be in the spotlight! Denise has over thirty years of writing experience. Denise's work has appeared in Today's Black Woman, Parade, Sisters In Style, Essence, Your Church Magazine, Modern Dad Magazine, KaNupepa, The Trenton Times, Family Times, The Preacher's Magazine, Black Living, Princeton, Sapphire, Bahiyah Magazine, New Jersey's Business and Entertainment Weekly - US 1, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, Pif, Q, The Trenton State College Literary Review, North Carolina University's Literary Journal, Obsidian II and various other magazines and newspapers across the nation.
Denise's latest book Spiral has received much praise! It was chosen as Book of the Month by Literary World. Spiral was also chosen as one of Disigold Souls best books published by a small publisher.

Please support author and Sigma Gamma Rho member Denise Turney. Her books area available from book stores everywhere. Visit her on-line atc At her website you can order her books, read excerpts and even check out her on-line diary!

Portia by
Denise Turney
PORTIA -- Encouraging those with or who know someone who's lived with breast cancer!
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Spiral by
Denise Turney

SPIRAL -- When you are accused of doing painfully, seemingly unforgivably wrong, how do you win the fight to clear your name and reveal the truth? Read Spiral and learn a distinct way to handle one of life's toughest challenges.
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Love Has Many Faces by Denise Turney
Has anyone tried to deceive you? Have you ever felt alone and sought to find friends? Read Love Has Many Faces to learn how two women with different personalities from different cultures and different worlds build a remarkable and unforgettable friendship that ends emotional pinnacle!
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Love Has Many Faces
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