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African American Sororities


Founded-January 15, 1908 at Howard University

Founded- January 13, 1913 at Howard University Founded-January 16, 1920 at Howard University Founded-November 12th, 1922 at Butler University
Colors-Salmon Pink and Apple Green Colors-Crimson & Creme Colors-Royal Blue & White Colors-Royal Blue & Antique Gold
Call-"Skee-Wee" Call-"OO-OOP" Call-"Z-Phi" Call-EEEEEEE-YIP
Mascot-Ivy Leaf Unofficial Mascot-Elephant Mascot- Dove Mascot- Poodle
Flower-Pink Tea Rose Flower- Violet Flower-White Tea rose Flower-Yellow Tea Rose
Celebrity Members-
Star Jones, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou
Celebrity Members-
Aretha Franklin,Keisha Knight Pulliam, Lena Horne
Celebrity Members-
Sheryl Underwood, Jan'et Dubois, Dionne Warwick,Esther Rolle
Celebrity Members-
Tonya Lee Williams, Victoria Rowell, Mother Love, Hattie McDaniel
Official Web Site-
Official Website
Official Website-

Official Website-

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Zeta Phi Beta Soror

Recording Artist Towanda Braxton

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Kesha Monk is now a top rated New York on air personality!

This enterprising member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is our Spotlight Sorority Member.

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Hot One-
Be My Sorority Sister-Under Pressure

Winter Semest Featured B

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Beta Gamma Psi had been a part of Eva Perkins life since birth. When she starts college at Edwin Carver A&T University she takes strides to become a member of the sorority that both her mother and sister belong to.

After years of attending Beta events and pre-pledging at Carver; Eva eventually finds herself on line pledging Beta. Discord and infighting among the big sisters and within the pledge class leads to drama.

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Sigma Gamma Rho Soror
Author Denise Turneyise

Read Profile

Meet Zeta Phi Beta Member Tracey Michae'l Lewis!

Author of The Gospel According to Sasha Renee

Newly added sorority-

Lambda Phi Xi - Multicultural Social and Service Sorority
Colors - Purple, Silver and Black
Symbol - Shooting Star
Mascot - Siberian Husky
Flower - Tiger Lily

Motto - "Soaring to Excellence through Sisterhood"
Website -

Last monthsSpotlight sorority-Zeta Iota Chi

Featured Book

Pledged-The Secret Life of Sororities by Alexandra Robbins

If you are Greek you will find this book interesting. If you want to go Greek--this book is a must read. Best-selling author Alexandra Robbins spent a year undercover as a college undergraduate. She befriended a group of sorority girls who were willing to let her in on their secrets. This controversal book is something that you need to read to make your decision about the book...continue reading.

New Links
Rho Eta Iota Sorority
"We were founded in 1994, our colors are Red, Blue, and Silver,
Our mission is to promote the ideals of positive womanhood through a unique sisterhood established by us and influenced by the betterment and strengthening of ourselves as well as our community.

Kappa Theta Lambda

Alpha Beta Sigma Sorority

Xi Lambda Chi Sorority

Sisters of Alpha Omega

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Multicultural Sororities
Mu Sigma Upisilon-Multicultural sorority founded on
November 21, 1981 at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Official Web Site
Zeta Sigma Chi-Multicultural sorority founded in 1991 at Northern Illinois University
Colors-Peach & Black
Flower-Peach Rose
Motto-"Keeping The Dream Alive"
Official Website
Delta Lambda Delta-Community oriented mulit-cultural sorority formed in New York
Colors-pink, silver, black and white
Official website

Zeta Sigma Phi-Multicultural sorority founded at USC on September 16, 1994
Creed-Zeta Sigma Phi, Zeta Sigma Phi, we signify Knowledge, Color, Beauty, and Power
Official Website
Cool Fact-Featured on Season 3 of MTV's Sorority Life
Delta Sigma Chi-multicultural sorority founded in 1996 at New York City Technical College
Official Site
Theta Nu Xi-Multicultural sorority founded in 1997 at UNC Chapel Hill.
Official Website

Beta Phi Omega-National Feminine Minority Lesbian Sorority that does not discriminate againt heterosexual women. Founded in Tallahasee, Florida
Colors-Carnation Blue, Ice Pink, Pearl White
Call-"Biiiiiii Phiiiiii"
Flower-The Magnolia
Official Site

Delta Xi Phi-Multicultural sorority founded in 1994 at University of Illinois at Champaign, Urbana.
Colors-navy & maroon
Mascot-White Bengal Tiger
Flower-Yellow Rose of Texas
Official Site

Omega Phi Chi-Multicultural sororotiy founded in 1988 at Rutgers University.
Colors-Pink & Black
Mascot-Black Panther
Flower-Lady's Pink Slipper
Official Website
New-Omega Epsilon Society, Incorporated
Newly added sorority-
Sigma Iota Sigma-multicultural sorority founded 1994 in Buffalo, New York. Official website
Lambda Tau Omega- Multicultural sorority founded in 1988 at at Montclair State College now known as Montclair State University.
Colors-Royal Blue & Light Gray
Mascot-The Enchanting Mermaid
Official Site
Omega Epsilon Society, Inc.-Organization founded in New Jersey in 2002. They strive to create and uplifting sisterhood.
Official website
Latina/Hispanic Sororities

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There are very many Latina/Hispanic Sororities. We suggest that you visit for a full listing.

Below are links to several Latina/Hispanic Sororities.
Business & Specialty    
Iota Phi Lambda-Business and professional sorority founded in 1929 in Chicago
Official Site
Gamma Phi Delta-Business sorority Founded February, 1943 at the Lewis Business College (Lewis College of Business) Detroit, Michigan
Official Site
Chi Eta Phi-Professional nursing sorority founded on October 16, 1932 at Freedmans Hospital in Washington D.C.
Kappa Phi Iota-Litarary focus sorority founded at Rutgers University in 1999.
Colors-Rose Pink and Precious Metal Gold
Symbol-The Goddess Aphrodite
Motto-“Pleasure in seeking knowledge…Beauty in being wise”
Official Website-
Eta Phi Beta-Business sorority formed to cater to the needs of African American business women. Founded in 1942.
Official Site
Swing Phi Swing-Swing Phi Swing-National African-American organization founded in 1969.WING is a unique, non-profit organization with over 50 active graduate and undergraduate chapters throughout the USA and a commitment to affecting social change, consciously uplifting women of color and being on the front line in regards to community involvement.
Official Site
Alpha Lambda Omega Christian Sorority, Inc-Christian sorority founded in 1990
Official Website
Delta Pi Epsilon-Christian sorority.
Colors-Lime Green and Purple
Call-High pitched "C-U"
Official Website
Ladies of
Krimson Kourts Incorporated

Social group, not officially recognized as Kappa "Little Sisters" official publication site
Official Site
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