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Linda Dominque Grosvenor is a best-selling award winning author. She is the author of the fiction books Pretty Boys, The Cradle Robbers Series: Bloom, and Fever among others. She is also the author of the poetry collection Love Lingers and the non-fiction book The Plural Thing: Spiritually Preparing for Your Soul Mate. The very talented author is also has an interest in film making and she is currently promoting her latest title The Hamptons. In support of her new release she has some pretty awesome contests going on. Below is our exclusive interview with Linda Dominique Grosvenor.

1) What is your book The Hamptons about?
The Hamptons is a must read novel. The story's premise is one that I found not only exciting to write but I can even visualize the movie version. Joelle Sinclair is my main character and she's divorced her cheating husband and is making an attempt to start her life over in her sister's beach house located in posh Hamptons, New York. When she meets the dashing Jabari Mitchell a summer fling isn't on her agenda, but he's irresistible and a summer fling just might make her forget her ex-husband woes. I think readers will devour The Hamptons, after all it's summer and a good book is just what the doctor ordered.

2) What made you decide to write a book that took place in this trendy area?
I love documentaries and had been watching a series called Single in the Hamptons for approximately two years. I also got an anonymous subscription to Hamptons Magazine last year in the mail, so I took it as a sign. I found the Hamptons intriguing and being a native New Yorker I wanted to delve into what makes the Hamptonites and those who venture out there tick. I enjoy glitz and glamour too so I enjoyed dressing up my characters and draping them in jewels. I have an increasing shoe and bag fetish, so the Gucci bag giveaway was a natural choice for me to use in a contest with this new release. The feedback has been good so I'm truly pleased.

3) How do you juggle promoting your many titles and still finding time to write?
I've always managed to master the art of multi-tasking. My writing comes in spurts so I'm not plucking away at my computer every day. I don't like feeling overwhelmed so I do a lot of writing in off-seasons like Winter so I don't spend my Summer locked in the house on the computer when the weather is so nice outside. I can write the first draft of two or three novels at a time. I put them away for a few months to clear my head before I pull them out and beginning the editing process. I always like to have an iron in the fire, or in this case a finished novel, just in case.

4) Do you have any plans to tour in support of this new release?
Yes I'll be touring throughout the year with this particular release. I plan on making stops in Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, Atlanta and a few other places that will probably be spur of the moment. My tour will commence in July and run throughout the year. I have however vowed to take a break to vacation with my husband and not exhaust myself, other than that, I'm dedicated to The Hamptons and plan on winding up the summer with a Hamptons Bash and forgo the traditional release party.

5) Can you please tell the site visitors about the contests that you are sponsoring this summer?
I have several contests that I'm running. We just gave away two signed advance review copies of The Hamptons and the winners were truly excited to say the least. We are currently running the Ultimate Gucci Giveaway where we will be raffling off an authentic Gucci handbag worth $600. For information on this contest that ends 7/31/04 visitors can log onto my website at: We also have a book club contest coming up. Visitors can join my mailing list formore information on that and other upcoming giveaways.

6) What other titles are you currently promoting?
Right now I'm promoting my 3 novella collection Pretty Boys and will be signing that book on tour along with The Hamptons. I look forward to meeting many readers and book club members before winding up my tour and settling in to come up with a creative ways to launch my 2005 novel.

7) Have you already started working on your next book?
I have several books that are completed and I'm in the process of finishing up several stories that will be included in multi-author anthologies. My seventh novel Spanish Lullaby is currently being edited and will grace bookstore shelves in 2005. I have so many ideas that I try to pace myself so writing doesn't become a hustle or a job for me, but stays fun. I always want writing to remain fun for me or else what's the point?

8) What is your favorite U.S. vacation destination?

I absolutely love Mexico and have been several times. It's colorful, inexpensive and quaint at the same time, but am looking forward to visiting Paris, France this year on vacation and Italy and Greece sometime in the near future. I love culture and locations with delicious cuisine. I enjoy trying new things and learning about the world around me.

9) What do you enjoy most about the summer months?
I enjoy the warm water on the beach. I enjoy sunsets and trade winds blowing through the trees on tropical islands. I enjoy sitting out by the pool and talking long into the night. I guess I enjoy the carefree nature of summer.

10) If The Hamptons were made into a movie, what actors would you cast in the film?
One of my favorite actresses is Theresa Randall, I can also see Nia Long in the role of Joelle; they both have such a sophisication that unmatched. I like Halle too but I think this role would require a more down to earth-approachable type. As for the Jabari Mitchell character, that's a tough one, but as long as the man they cast has that debonair flair about him, then he's right for the part.

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