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Pledged-The Secret Life of Sororities by Alexandra Robbins

Title-Pledged The Secret Life of Sororities
Author-Alexandra Robbins
Publisher-Hyperion (ISBN 1401300464)
Release date-April 2004
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Don't take anyone else's word for it, Pledged is a book that you have to check out for yourself. Some Greeks are mad about the subject matter and the contents of the books. Others are upset merely at the thought of someone penetrating the secret world of sororities. Just reading the inside flap of the book is enough to send sorority members into a rage, Robbins references behavior oh so naughty that no sorority girl would want to be linked with. Non-Greeks are clamoring to get their hands on a copy of the book that everyone is talking about.

Pledged The Secret Life Of Sororities was written by New York Times Best Selling Author Alexandra Robbins. The book is a hefty read at 340 pages (pages 341-372 include a glossary, end notes, and acknowledgment). The book is so exciting to someone who is interested in Greek life. The book covers Robbins one-year under cover as a college graduate. Robbins herself is 27 years old, but she is strikingly beautiful for an investigative writer and it is no surprise that she was able to pull off being an undergrad.

The book itself is broken down into months. Within the month chapters are subchapters related to dates of the month for example August 17-Vicki's Instant Messenger Away Message. This is a book that you can break into reading over several days or weeks or months for that matter, but it is often so exciting you will want to know what happens next. For the book Alexandra details the experiences of Vicki, Sabrina, Caitlen and Amy who are sorority members.

Not just a tell all, Robbins research is quite impressive. She did her homework in writing about the Greek system. It is not everyday that someone has the courage to write a nonfiction book about sororities. Sororities and fraternities are still considered secret societies despite popular television shows such as MTV's Sorority and Fraternity life. It took a strong willed and motivated writer to go behind the scenes and to honestly report her findings.

If you read the reviews on AMAZON, there is a lot of hatred being shown toward the author. Did she embellish her story? Is she mad because she was never in a sorority? Personally, we don't think so, we just think that she is a writer who had a story she wanted to tell and she didn't really care about who was offended by her story.


Sororitysister.net Review ***** 5 Stars
Reviewer Shemya Taylor

Author quote-"I learned that many rumors (as well as fantasies) about sororities are indeeed staggeringly true, including mind games, prostitution, racism, forced binge drinking, nudity, verbal abuse, cheating, eating disorders, rituals, 'mean girls,' and secrecy." Alexandra Robbins taken from the Introduction to Pledged.
About the author
Alexandra Robbins is a former staff member of the New York Times. In addition to being the author of Pledged The Secret Life of Sororities she is also the author of Secrets of the Tomb. You can visit her on-line at http://www.alexandrarobbins.com
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