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Ray DVD Review
The movie Ray is now available on DVD. Jamie Foxx stars in this bio-pic about the late Ray Charles. The film covers Ray's early years all the way up until the late 1960's. Ray grew up in the rural south and was severely haunted by the death of his younger brother. Living with the memory of his brothers death wasn't Ray's only demon--he also had a terrible heroin addiction. Ray lost his site as a young boy but never let his blindness stop him from pursuing his music career--or numerous women. The film documents Ray's historic rise and some of the obstacles he faced. Ray opened doors in the music industry by mixing gospel music with other music forms. Ray even delved into country music at one time!

The Ray DVD includes 25 minutes of extended bonus footage, so you can choose to watch the theatrical version or the extended version. The two disc set includes additional bonus footage and deleted scenes on disc two. Many people don't know that Ray Charles actual took part in the making of this movie. Her re-recorded some music and worked with Jamie Foxx. In one of the featurettes you can actually peep Jamie and Ray hanging out at the piano.

Ray is an amazing film. If you haven't seen it for yourself, you really need to see this movie. Jamie Foxx has won a Golden Globe and SAG award for his portrayel of Ray Charles. He is nominated for an Academy Award.