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Review of Sorority Sisters By Tajuna TJ Butler

Sorority Sisters by Tajuna TJ Butler is a light read about 5 very different young women who aspire to join a sorority whose colors are pink. I don't recall if the author named the sorority or not in the book. It is a cute book and the five women have to adjust their lives when it comes time to pledge. Some had boy friends, one was caught up with a no good guy. Honestly, I'm a bit lost when it comes to this book because there were so many characters and each character had a distinct and different storyline. This was the authors breakthrough book and she attained much success. According to her official web site, there may be plans for a movie based on the book in the future. This book is okay, but I really would have liked more details about the pledging process, the author doesn't describe anything intense beyond the girls being referred to by numbers and losing sleep. I thought this book was okay, a cute book.

3/5 stars

Tajuana TJ Butler is also the author of the Night Before Thirty and Handme Down Heartache. She is a talented author for our generation who should not be slept on.

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