Exclusive author interview-Toi Moore

1) What is Toi Moore doing now?

I am promoting my new book, Mind Games, which is a mystery-thriller, laced
with juicy-hot romance! I have been appearing at local events, doing book
signings and interviews to get out the word that I have a new book.

2) You have accomplished many things in your career. How have you juggled
motherhood and your career?

The ways I have juggled motherhood and my career is first by the strength of
God and my family. I have a VERY supportive husband, who I have been
married to for over 19 years. He is the one who pushes me when I don't feel
that I have the push! I have two teenaged sons who also support what I'm doing.
They know that if I need to go out to promote my books, or appear somewhere
for a speaking engagement, they handle things at home, like cook and keep the
house in order. Since they are all so understanding and supportive in what
I'm doing, it makes what I have to do as a wife and mother much easier!
Then, when I'm home, I make sure to catch up with the things that they couldn't do
and give them special attention and care. We, as a family, balance
everything out so that we can achieve what needs to be achieved.

Toi with Sugar Shane Mosley

Toi with Kweisi Mfume

3) Was it hard getting all of the celebrities quotes (Vivica A. Fox, Kweisi
Mfume, Mya to name a few) for your book, or are you just well connected?

I am also a freelance writer. I have written for magazines such as Billboard,
Upscale, The Cause (which is a magazine geared toward careers that feature
African-Americans) and Saludos Hispanos (which is the parent magazine for The
Cause-focusing on careers with Hispanics.) Since I have written for several
magazines, I have had many wonderful opportunities of interviewing or writing
stories for several celebrities. Then, when I asked some of them to give me a
quote for my book, I got great responses, this was the case with Vivica A.

She was really nice and easy to talk to. Some of the quotes also came from
letters the celebrity sent me regarding stories I have written about them or
their organization, showing their support and thanks in what I'm doing, which
was what happened with the quote from Kweisi Mfume. My husband is also in the
music industry, so some of the celebrities I meet through him, and either him
or myself pass them a copy of my book, such as what happened with Gladys
Knight, Patti La Belle, James Ingram, Patrice Rushen, Alisha Keys and more, and
some of them let me know their thoughts about my book, which was the case with Mya.
So, having great hookups has helped me get great quotes and support!

4) Do you have any plans to enter into the film industry?
Yes, I do have plans to get into the film industry. My first book,
Momma, Please Forgive Me!, which is fictional story that addresses domestic
violence, was first written as a short story, then a screenplay and finally a
novel. I have self published each of my three books, (I also have a book
that is a self publishing guide titled: "How to Self Publish your Novel on a
Shoestring Budget -In 10 Easy Steps-") I am now in the process of writing a
screenplay for my current novel, Mind Games.

5) This book can be very inspirational to women who are currently locked
down or recently released from prison. Have you received any feedback from women
incarcerated or recently released?

My book Mind Games is the sequel to my first book, Momma, Please Forgive Me!,
which addresses domestic violence. Domestic violence is so real, I grew up
in a family that was affected by domestic violence. So this story is very real
to me and a lot of people! In fact, some people totally relate to my story
and the characters. So yes, I have had feedback from women who have either
been incarcerated or released. I have been told that my story sounds very real
and in many cases, frightening real!

However, I have been told by many people that my book helps ease the pain and/
or makes them think so that they don't get into an abusive situation.
I've also been told that my book helps them
understand the horror of domestic violence so much that they don't ever want to
face the realities of being locked away from the people they love, or live with
the fact that they could murder someone in order to save their life or the life
of their children because they stayed in a domestic violence situation. My
book has been very healing to those who have been abused and educational to
those who haven't. It has also helped teenagers realize that domestic violence
starts with a boyfriend-girlfriend situation and not just because you're
married! Teenagers have really enjoyed my books because it makes them think
before accepting abuse as being okay!

6) How do you handle jealousy from other writers? Or is this something you
have not had to deal with. Being that you have worked in print journalism, a
very competitive field, especially for an African-American woman, it's not

I have not had to personality deal with jealousy. I'm sure there are some
haters out there, some maybe closer than others, however, I don't allow other
people, their negative thoughts about me, or their jealousy to get the best of
me. Also, since I do my work from home, I don't have to deal with many
attitudes. I just do my assignments and turn them in. I don't even deal with
the editors very much other than getting my assignments and emailing them the final

So, jealousy is something that doesn't really affect me. However, my
challenges are hard by promoting myself and getting lead opportunities that
can take my career to the next level. Since I am a self-published author, I
have to wear all the hats to make sure I get exposure and get book sells. I am
ready to move to the next level of getting published by a major publishing
company, however, if you don't have an agent the publisher won't touch you, and
if you don't have a publisher, the agent won't touch you. So, it's a catch 22.

Therefore, it becomes "Who You Know!" In this case, you don't get much love
from other writers or people who have made it, because many people are only
thinking about themselves for fear that you will out do what they are doing,
when in reality, you will pull them to higher levels for helping you, if you
exceed their level. So, you keep pushing and you keep reaching out to everyone
you can until you find that one person who has your back and who feels what
you're trying to achieve your dream and goals. I generally autograph my books
by saying; "The sky is our only limit," or "Always follow your dreams." Those
are the phrases I live by which keep me pushing!

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I thank you, Sororitysiter, for your time and interest in allowing me to get
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my future!

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