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--Avant CD giveway and Ladies Night Tour Dates
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--Get In Shape For Your Wedding With Fit To Be Bride , Q&A with trainer to the stars Gregory S. Webster
--February CD Reviews Kanye West College Dropout, Courtney Love America's Sweetheart

--Lambda Phi Xi Sorority

Avant is enjoying some of the greatest success of his music career with his latest release Private Room. The song "Read Your Mind" was a super smash and his latest single "Don't Take Your Love Away" is climbing the charts. Avant has also done some acting as of late. He recently appeared on the UPN series One on One and he also had a cameo role in the blockbuster movie Barbershop 2.

Avant is currently touring with Jagged Edge, Ginuwine and Joe, dubbed the Ladies Night Tour. This is the condert that everyone is talking about, is proud to be giving away the following Avant items:

Grand Prize
-Full length Private Room CD
-DVD Single for "Don't Give Your Love Away"

1st Runner Up
"Read Your Mind" Remix Single

Entries must be recieved by March 1st. Contest winners name and city will be posted on the website.

To enter, send your name and an e-mail message to

The Ladies Night Tour is now going on! Visit for tour dates.

WGCI FM, Chicago's top radio station is the on air home for radio personality Kesha Keyz. Kesha is also the founder of the website Kesha, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is also our spotlight sorority member. Please visit our spotlight section to view our feature on Kesha.

Interview with Mind Games author Toi Moore.

Gregory S. Webster is a respected personal trainer based in the Los Angeles area. Greg holds a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology. He has trained Hollywood's elite for over 15 years. Gregory is also the author fo "Fit To Be Bride," the book that every bride to be is buzzing about. This book is a must have for any bride trying to get in shape prior to her big day.

Below is the exclusive Q&A with Gregory S. Webster
What inspired you to write "Fit To Be Bride?"

Answer: Women have different body types. Performing the wrong exercises for
your body type can make matters worse by building you up rather than slimming
you down. Over the years I've trained several women who had been told the
improper way to train their specific type, and felt passionate about spreading
the word on body type training. Fit To Be Bride does just that, and tells
brides what gown styles look best on which body type.

How far in advance should a bride to be start preparing if she wants to
lose 2 dress sizes prior to her wedding?

Answer: Most women should plan on two months per dress size, as you can see
Jenni did at Some women will see even quicker results.

Many of this seasons bridal gowns are strapless. Do you have any good
exercises you could reccomend for toning up one's arms?

Answer: The "Bench Dip" shown at is just about the single best
upper arm exercise in the business. There will be a new exercise shown in two

Visit Greg's website for much more information about the Fit to Be Bride Workout book!


Believe it or not, it is hard to fathom but it has been ten whole years since Hole's big label debut album Live Through This was released. The instant classic chick rock album was overshadowed but Kurt Cobain's suicide. I still think Kurt was a major prick for killing himself the weekend before Courtney's album was released. Fast forward 10 years, Hole has disbanded and Courtney has gone through several transformations. With the release of Celebrity Skin in the late 90's, Courtney we saw that Courtney had left behind her baby doll grunge look for a mega glam Hollywood look. Courtney also started acting and appeared in The People Vs. Larry Flynt among other roles. As of late Courtney has been in the headlines for her sometimes outrageous behavior.

Back to the music. Some reviewers have said that America's Sweetheart is Courtney's finest album since Live Through This. This immediately made me want to go out and buy the album because I absolutely loved that album. Release day I was first in line (well their wasn't a line,) to purchase America's Sweetheart.

The first track "Mono" is infectious and like a classic Hole song. The first thing I noticed when listening to this album is, A Courtney still rocks, and B, something is wrong with her voice. Courtney has never been the best singer in the world but she was at least tolerable. Now she just sounds like a very raspy voiced shouting woman. Another thing, like Live Through This, the songs are good, but some of them are just so darn short.

This album is good, but trust me it will have to grow on you. Listen to it twice before you pass judgement.. It is not the long awaited album I was hoping for. It may grow on me, but it definetly fills a void in the chick rock genre. I really like some of the songs, and I must mention that the song "Never Gonna Be The Same" is so damn depressing it will make Mary Poppins want to kill herself.

Buying this album is worth the song "I'll Do Anything." to hear Courtney love shout "Give me the d**k is priceless."

Reviewer Kyya Morgan, Austin Peay University.

Hey-hey--Kanye West gave a shout out to the sorority members. He shouted out the Aka's, Delta's, S-Grho's and Zeta's on the song "School Spirit." Okay, as sorority members or aspiring sorority members or even people just interested in Greek life, college is important. College Dropout is all about dissing college life. The overall theme on the album is that you can be successful even without the degree. Agree or disagree the skits are funny.

Kanye West is from Chicago and he made a name for himself as a top hip hop producer. He produced Jay Z's hit song "Izzo," and he also produced hits for Ludacris and Alicia Keys. Kanye is an original lyricist. The album is an instant classic and should not be slept on. The album also features the hit songs "Through The Wire," and a different version of the Twista collabo "Slow Jamz." This is quite possibly the best hip hop debut of the decade. People are already comparing Kanye's debut to the powerhouse debut of Nas, Illmatic.

Dropping out of college and college life is the theme of most of the album. The album artwork itself features high school pictures of many of hip hops greatest artist. Don't sleep on The College Drop Out. Just about every song is a hit.

Reviewer Shemya Taylor,

Newly added sorority-

Lambda Phi Xi - Multicultural Social and Service Sorority
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Flower - Tiger Lily
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